Why I have chosen NOT to be induced

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11 thoughts on “Why I have chosen NOT to be induced

  1. Hi Lisa, great post outlining the risks of IOL. I also refused IOL and that was at 10 days over but went into labour myself then and had a lovely normal labour and delivery and a 10lb 3oz baby. I’m a midwife myself and I get so frustrated over growth scans showing ‘big’ babies and all the intervention and then baby comes out 7 or 8lbs. Best of luck with your delivery, I hope it’s a better experience than the first. Lisa x

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  2. My first child was 9lb13 at birth (98th centile) and was born by forceps after 70 hours of labour. My second was born at home in just over 6 hours with just a few puffs of gas and air and weighed 10lb12 (99.6th centile)! Second labours are often easier. Sounds like you’ve made a well considered choice, good luck!


  3. Both of my last 2 (so birth 2&3) have litteraly been an hour from “ouch I think this really is labour” to being born. 2nd birth I was 9cm dilated when I got to hospital and 3rd birth I didn’t even make it to hospital, he was born on the bathroom floor whilst OH was outside waiting for the midwife as our house can be difficult to find.


  4. I have been induced twice for medical reasons, high BP & overdue and High Bp on medication so I had baby early. I was told my baby was small on the scans, he was born weighing 8lb 7 and was my biggest baby! I was lucky my inductions were nice experiences and really quick so I liked them better then my normal birth. However if I didn’t medically need an induction I would have chosen not to be induced xx


  5. As someone who was victim (?!?) of a failed induction I have to say that while it works for some, it really doesn’t for others. Therefore I am now the strongest advocate of letting your body tell you when it’s ready. Good luck!

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  6. It sound like you’re making the right choice for you lovely. Fin took 18 and a half hours from the full on pain stage and Harley took about 3 and a half hours in total to arrive, completely different labours. Crossing my fingers you have an easier time of it this time!

    Stevie xx

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