Captain Jack – 10 months

This time last year, I was about to have my baby shower.  Now, our boy is 10months old and almost a toddler.

Jack’s favourite words remain dad, dad, dad and dad, although he will use mum when he is vexed.  Yay, lucky me!  He hasn’t yet started saying any other words, not even ‘No’ which we seem to say a lot recently.


Our gorgeous boy now has 6 teeth, 2 at the bottom and 4 at the top.  He struggled with the last couple coming through but he seems to enjoy using them.  He tucks into all sorts now as his eating has improved loads.  He even tried a Korma with us this week and demolished it.  How much easier is it when they can eat with us?!

Jack is a little whippet on all fours these days and has me running about all over the place.  The baby gate is permanently shut now to the stairs as he makes a dash straight for them otherwise.  He has my heart in my mouth most days when he vanishes into thin air if only for a few seconds.  Especially when he goes quiet!


He is standing comfortably now and is minus the jelly legs.  He will use the sofa and suchlike as aids to toddle around the room which means that EVERYTHING is now placed nicely out of reach.  He pretty much wants everything he shouldn’t have, but that’s all part of the learning process I guess.  It wont be long and he’ll be walking.

He absolutely loves music and will dance (rock back and forth) if a song takes his fancy.  We bought him a toy drum a couple of weeks ago and he loves it.


On Monday, our ‘baby’ will be starting Nursery whilst I return to work and quite frankly, I feel sick at the thought.  Maternity Leave seems it will last forever when its starts, I mean, a year is a long time right?  Wrong!

But it is December and we look forward to our 1st family Christmas.  Jack is at the perfect age to enjoy it and for the first time, Christmas will be all about him.  I cannot wait.


Keep up the good work Jack. x


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