Writers block and an amazing Fiancé

With a little bit of writers block today, I asked Trevor for some blog post inspiration. ‘Just write about how amazing I am’, he said.  Anyone who knows Trevor will know that he was deadly serious in his response!


So, my darling, here is some ego boosting bullshit why I think you are totally amazing:

  • You love me for being me and aren’t afraid to show it. I love being your Fiancee.
  • You see beyond my mental mummy moments and pick me up with a simple smile.
  • You go above and beyond your daddy duties – you really are the best Daddy in the world.
  • You work your socks off and never complain.
  • Your wit and random outbursts have me in stitches.
  • Your carefree and ‘whatever’ attitude is really quite refreshing.
  • You are an amazing friend and family man who would do anything for anyone.
  • You’ve got the most sexy bum the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen!
  • Your roast potatoes are to die for and your tea-making skills are quite good too.

I think I’d better stop there before your head explodes!  Or perhaps, some negatives to bring you down a little…

  • Nope – cant think of any!

In all seriousness, I LOVE YOU T-MAN x

Now, I could really do with a cuppa whilst I think of some more blog posts to write x

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