My Baby Shower

On December 6th 2014, I was as big as a blimp and resembled a waddling walrus.  I could no longer put my own shoes on and my legs were hairier than I care to mention.  But – it was the day of my baby shower, so I was feeling good.

For me, my baby shower was all about catching up with my gorgeous family and friends before baby was born and also just to prove that I was indeed expecting.  Everyone was shocked when we found out that we had a baby on board, I don’t think anyone ever thought they’d see the day that I had children.


My family and friends remain London based whilst I moved out a couple of years ago to live with Trevor.  You can read all about that cheeky little love story here if you like.  This unfortunately means that I don’t get to see them all as often as I’d like and I wanted them to see bump before bump turned into baby (and I would remain a blimp).

As we didn’t know whether baby was a boy or girl (its true, you can still leave it a surprise these days), I had bought lots of blues and pinks for décor and food.  Mum had bought the suitable coloured shots and ‘Anyone for shots?’ was to be her catchphrase for the evening.  My family were amazing as always and had filled the room with decorations and by surprising me with a beautiful cake.


Mum had dug out my baby book from when I was born and bizarrely, I learned that my midwife’s name was Mrs Pickles.  Trevor had been calling me Pickle throughout my pregnancy and bump was therefore know as Lily.

My attempt at baking pink and blue cupcakes was a joke!  I had bought ready made plain fairy cakes, some icing sugar and blue and pink sprinkles.  They looked a flipping disaster, but whats new?  I don’t do baking!  We had such a giggle making them though, with 5minutes to spare before the guests showed up.


So thankfully, all of my family and friends arrived in good time and it was amazing to see them all.  I really do love and miss them all loads so for me, I was really quite emotional that evening (blame the hormones).  I got to catch up with my nearest and dearest and they were in true hilarious form.

The games went down well, there were plenty of giggles and Hayleigh managed somehow to WIN them ALL!  Surely, I should have been allowed to win one?!  I managed to get photos with everyone and was spoiled with gifts.  Everyone was so thoughtful and generous and we was so very grateful.  Baby was to be a very lucky one.


So I had spent my baby shower with all those I love dear and I knew that one thing was for sure, baby was to be born into an amazing group of people and would be spoiled with love just as I had been that evening. xx

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27 thoughts on “My Baby Shower

  1. Ahhh, this is so cute! I never had a babyshower and some of my friends barely saw me during my pregnancy. I had issues with my heart though so we were always on edge. We went away for a few days around my birthday in Sept (Oliver was due end of Nov) and we actually searched for the local hospitals before we went! Nightmare.

    However, my friend and I are throwing a baby shower for another friend next weekend so I’m looking forward to that. Her first was born when she was 19 and she had a rough time with the dad. Now she’s in a committed lovely stable relationship, she’s done a degree and become a nurse and is getting married next year so we thought it would be nice to ‘do things properly’ this time around. And her 9yr old daughter can join in too!


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      1. I refused to go anywhere when I was that pregnant! Lol. Yep, I even took my notes to work and I only lived across the road! You really never know (as I learned!) X

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