Tantrums, Attitude and Paracetamol

Completely out of nowhere, a certain little Captain, at just 8mths old, has gained a BIG attitude and it’s caught me a bit off guard.

All this week Jack has been testing me and pushing his luck.  He grunts, thrashes his arms about and pulls a face fit for the Devil when he cannot get his own way.

I am never one to give in to him and he certainly isn’t spoilt.  We always have lovely family time and I dedicate every waking moment to him.  He hardly sees any children of the same age so I cannot blame the ‘rubbing-off’ of another child, so quite honestly I have no idea where this new attitude has come from.

Perhaps I have been doing something wrong?  I am a first time mum so it’s all a learning curve to me.  Can you give a baby too much love and attention?  Whilst we love our cuddles I do not hold him all the time or rush to him as soon as he cries.

I need some constructive advice from you mums-in-the-know.  The last thing I want is one of those kids that everyone loves to hate, you know the ones I mean and most certainly not a 10yr old with an ASBO.

Please tell me what the secret is as I’m running fast out of paracetamol and running short on ideas of how to curb the naughtiness before it gets out of hand.  My new favourite word ‘No’ is definitely not working.

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38 thoughts on “Tantrums, Attitude and Paracetamol

  1. I feel you! My 15m.o. has been a bundle of attitude of late…hitting, scrathing, biting, throwing herself down in hysterics. In the last week though she has cut 3 teeth, one of which is a molar, and it looks like there are a few more right at the surface. I’m a first time mum too and it has had me at my wits end. Good luck and I hope all settles down soon. I’m looking for the light at the end of the temper tantrum tunnel!


  2. Ahhhh they just go through these phases. One minute they are the devil child and suddenly they are all sweetness again. I remember Zach being at that age when he was frustrated by not being able to do things for himself! Having just hit the age of three, literally overnight Zach has become a threenager. I didn’t believe in that term but bloody hell it is so true. I can’t get over the change in him. When he gets annoyed he screams. Literally screams in anger. I want my happy boy back again! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. I don’t have any useful advice, only to say that this exact same thing happened with my daughter at 9 months. It wasn’t teething as she didn’t even get her first tooth until 15 months! Like you, nothing seemed to trigger it and when I got to the end of my tether and asked for advice, I was helpfully told ‘9 month olds don’t have tantrums’ – well mine did! She grew out of it and went back to her normal, affectionate self after a few weeks. She’s 18 months now and it’s only recently come back – coinciding with the teeth coming in – feels like she’s getting 5 at once, ouch! Hugs to you xx

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  4. Ha bless him, I did see Mr grump in action at the weekend though 😉 Like I said then though, it’s just the age, they get so frustrated when they aren’t quite crawling and can’t talk yet! As soon as he’s crawling I expect he’ll be a happy chap again…..and be pulling everything out everywhere 😉

    Stevie xx Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

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  5. Teething! Between 6 months and 2 pretty much every bit of unexplainable behaviour is usually down to teething. You aren’t doing anything wrong at all. He has probably also started to realise that life doesn’t always go his way and he doesn’t like it. To be fair I don’t like it either when things don’t go my way, so I feel his pain! You’re brilliant, don’t worry, it’s just the way of the mum to think its your fault!

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    1. Cheers Helen, he still has no more teeth through and continues to grunt and huff a lot, its actually quite funny but after a while it grates on me. Just A yr and 3mths to kill then until he is 2 and the tantrums stop *starts crying* ;D xx


  6. Hi 🙂 My little boy is 17 months old and is in the midst of tempers. All children have different temperaments. Is he teething? You sound like a great parent and it in all honesty is probably just a phase. I’ve been there, many times with my little one

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  7. My little one is only 6 months so I am definitely no expert, but I do know you can never spoil a child with too much love and affection. Have you heard of Wonder weeks? He could be going through a leap or just getting frustrated. I am sure it will sort itself out with a bit of time.


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  8. It could be any number of things at that age, so don’t worry you haven’t done anything wrong at all!

    It could be teething, as that always puts babies in a bit of grumpy mood!

    It could be frustration, my parents told me I was a nightmare around nine months because I would get frustrated that they couldn’t understand me. Perhaps start looking into baby signing? It can help a lot with communication, especially when they are younger.

    I find that my little one gets a bit stroppy when he is bored, so I head out to the park or a baby group when he is getting a bit irritable.

    It could just be temperament and that you have a head strong, little character on your hands.

    Don’t think you’ve done anything wrong though, every baby is different and sometimes they have off days / weeks / months, just like we do. You are doing a wonderful job, so don’t worry x

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  9. Is he teething or frustrated as they can’t really.communicate other then physical ways so must be hard for them to get the message across. My youngest is quite aggressive around this age and can still do a good strop where as my eldest is mellow and very affectionate and kind so can be temperament X

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    1. He has been dribbling LOADS these past few weeks but his gums are still soft and I can’t feel any teeth coming through so not sure. He still loves his cuddles and is affectionate but he can throw a right hissyfit! I just hope once her can crawl that he’ll be less irritable?! xx


  10. When my son was growing up he is like your son. Testing me in so many ways and well not being a friendly tot in the playgroup. I always need to be there with him to break up baby toddler fight. I thought that I am doing something wrong … my son is 5 now and so totally different from he was before. I think its a part of growing up. I am not an expert but just give him wee bit space and always be there to tell him when he is going overboard with the temper and hopefully things will be better. Again I am not an expert though. #picknmix

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    1. ah thank you for commenting, ive been giving him a bit of space and he seems to be chilling out a bit. He has been trying to crawl for this past week so im wondering if its just out of frustration? Fingers crossed it passes soon 🙂 xx


  11. It sounds like your little man is testing the boundries. All you can do is be consistant in your approach. Once you have said no, ignore the faces and tantrums as much as possible (so long as he isnt doing anything that will hurt himself). He will soon get bored of it if he isnt gettinf any reaction off you. #Picknmix

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  12. Unfortunately there is no magic cure that I’ve ever found. You just have to grit your teeth and ride that wave until its done. Is he cutting a tooth perhaps? I know that is always everybody’s first thing to say when a little is acting grumpy, but there really is a lot of truth to how miserable it makes them

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  13. Ah I remember this all too well. Firstly, this is very normal, both of mine went through this around the 8-10 month mark. We decided it was frustration because they want to be doing more than they are able to. We had two tactics. Firstly we distracted them. If they are going back to the same thing, maybe they are grabbing at something you would rather they didn’t, move rooms, or start an activity (if possible). I would never move what they are going for because I believe they should learn boundaries (even from such a young age). The other thing we did was go outside with them. A walk is full of distractions for them or if you are able to, head to a park, or large grassy area and suit them up so they can crawl around on the floor. The freedom for them to “run off” worked wonders for ours. To be honest, we still use the same tactic and the are 4 and 5 now. If we are getting full on moods and stubborness, we don’t give in, we distract, or we give them “a run”. Hope this helps a bit. And remember, it doesn’t last forever ^_^

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    1. all sounds like good advice to me. I suspect it is something to do with his crawling, he has been trying to move about for the past week and is managing to crawl backwards instead 🙂 Fingers crossed it’ll pass when he is more mobile and less frustrated??

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  14. OK so basically I have really struggled with this from an early age too, and I find the better they feel you understand them, the less the attitude. Even though the language is not there, they can totally understand you so maybe try to start connecting on their level so your little one knows that you get them? It’s a little early for this perhaps but this will set you up for the future – read Dr Harvey Karp’s book Happiest Toddler on The Block but specifically the chapter on learning to speak Toddler-ese because sounds like you are going to need it early. Take a deep breath, don’t take it personally, and know that this too shall pass….x .#PickNMix

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    1. Thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply! Its been a tough couple of weeks but I have to say its getting easier. Think its something to do with the frustration of not being able to crawl? He is moving a little, even if it is backwards and he seems to be chilling with it! Fingers crossed xx


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