Captain Jack – 8 months

*NEWS FLASH*  Frantic mum awakes from micro-nap to find a cheeky monkey in the place of her adorable baby boy.

At 7:12am on 29th September, my gorgeous boy turns 8-months old and I cannot quite believe it.  This has been a very impressive month for Jack who suddenly seems to be much more interactive and most definitely more inquisitive.

So our clever little sausage spoke his first word last week, which unsurprisingly was ‘Dad’.  He has since said ‘Mum’ too which is no surprise as I constantly find myself saying ‘Mum-mum-mum’ and ‘Dad-dad-dad’.  I was out shopping with him last week and was saying it whilst he was fast asleep in his buggy.  Yes, these 8-months have made mummy go slightly crazy.

He is extremely chatty at the moment which is mega cute and will have a ‘bla-‘bla’ conversation with you quite happily.  Me: ‘Oh really?’ , Jack: ‘bla-bla-bla’ , Me: ‘No way!’ , Jack: ‘wah-wah-wah, bla-bla-bla’.  I cannot help but chuckle and can only wonder what he is trying to say.


Jack will now respond to his name.  He heard his name on the TV this week and immediately turned around to see who was speaking to him.

He is becoming a very cheeky monkey and wants a lot of attention.  Perhaps a little bit of separation anxiety creeping in?  He loves his cuddles and wraps his arms firmly around my neck these days.  Is there anything better?

He also likes to play with or more to the point, eat just about everything in grabbing distance.  Most recent things he likes to play with are noisy and flashing gadgets like mobile phones and remote controls.  Thankfully, Nanny and Grandad bought him his first gadget set which means the Sky remote fights to live another day.


I am loving his chuckle at the moment, he seems to have adopted a very dirty laugh which just makes my heart skip a beat.  A little tickle or silly face and you’ll have grins and laughs galore.  He is one happy boy and I love it.  I’ve adopted the crazy mum dance in the shopping aisles and will sing random songs (rather badly) for all to hear and I don’t care as long as my boy is throwing me a smile.

Another amazing breakthrough this month is that he suddenly enjoys a little tummy time.  This past week he has been going from the sitting up position and either launching forward or leaning sideways to get on all fours.  He’ll rock forwards and backwards and I often get down on all fours alongside him to guide him into crawling.  He’s got the idea as he does try to nudge forward but often ends up face-planting the floor but its all good progress and with a little bit of persistence, he’ll be flying around before we know it.

He has been sleeping less through the day and wakes loads more through the night so I suspect that he may be teething again.  We have amended his bottle/feed routine and it seems to be helping a little but it’s so difficult getting it right.  Is anyone going to publish a parenting guide that works anytime soon?

We have noticed these past few days that he suddenly looks longer and is most definitely heavier!  Our little Captain is coming along a treat.

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18 thoughts on “Captain Jack – 8 months

    1. Me neither, Jack certainly knows that they operate the TV and does his best to find the music channels. As soon as I put the channel on he stops worrying about the control and stares at TV. It’s crazily clever really xx


  1. Awww sounds like a he’s got a very cute cheeky personality and it being lots of fun now. We found the same around 7-8 months H suddenly developed into herself, trying to make us laugh, being SO inquisitive. It’s amazing to watch them develop. Enjoy all the cute cuddles!! #twinklytuesday

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