Choosing the perfect baby name

As soon as we found out we was expecting, I quickly became obsessed with trying to think of names, ‘What about Max’, ‘Jessica is lovely’, ‘Oohh, Dylan is pretty cool’.  I was clearly driving Trevor mad and we couldn’t agree on any names.

We decided on our boy’s name pretty quickly whilst we was driving to Cornwall, Trevor’s homeland.  During the journey, Trevor tuned into ‘Jack FM’ and we both said in unison, ‘How about Jack’.  Job done!

Now, we just had to come up with a girl’s name and so the fun begun.  There is so much to consider:

Baby Name Books

How can their be so many names in the world?  I’m sure most of the names in these books are made up names just to make up the numbers.  Surely, no parent in their right mind would choose some of them.  Please tell me you thought the same?  We quickly gave up on the books and gave them away.

Top / Common Baby Names

So it turns out that ‘Jack’ is the 2nd most common boys name in 2015.  We didn’t know that at the time but I wouldn’t have changed it anyhow.  ‘Lisa’ was a very common name in the 80’s, I recall lots of Lisa’s in my school, they were cool too 😉  Do you have a common name?


Initial Abbreviations and Nicknames

Cue the bullies at school if your child’s initials are BO or BJ or if their name rhymes with Dick or Smelly!

‘Sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me.’  What moron came up with that saying?  Yes, children will suffer at school thanks to poor name choices and nicknames may last a lifetime.

Parents character

I think its safe to say that some children’s names will reflect their parents personality or lifestyle.  Take the obvious names ‘Peaches’ and ‘Apple’ for example, daughters of musicians and TV/movie stars.  How many children do you know that have been named after their dad’s favourite footballer or mum’s favourite singer?

Should we be careful that our children are not given names that better reflect the parents that we are?  Perhaps, your son Elvis may not like Rock ‘n’ Roll as much as you?

Name Meanings

The meaning of the name ‘Lisa’ is Oath of God.  What does your name mean?  Some people may take the meaning of their name quite seriously, luckily I don’t.

Family Traditions

Some children become a ‘Jnr’ and share their name with a parent, perhaps more common in a father/son relationship?  Trevor’s middle name is ‘Michael’ as was his dad’s.  My mum’s first name is my middle name and my dad’s is my brothers too.  What family name traditions do you have?

Childs Future

Does a name determine your child’s future; their career, relationships, friendships, lifestyle choices?  Its quite likely.

Like it or not, your child’s name probably will determine their career.  Recruiters can be ruthless and workplace discrimination does exist.

Do you recall when the mega-witch snob Katie Hopkins, claimed that she didn’t like children with “lower class” names such as Charmaine, Chantelle, Chardonnay and Tyler and that she would prevent her own offspring from playing with them.  Sadly, these fools do exist and children are sometimes prejudged by their name.

Surprised baby

So you see, choosing a name is pretty tough!  Your little ones have to live with their name for the rest of their lives so it is important that we choose wisely and get it right for them.

We never did choose a girl’s name, perhaps somehow we knew that we was having a boy.

How did you choose your children’s names?

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30 thoughts on “Choosing the perfect baby name

  1. My daughter is Eva, we couldn’t even think of a girls name for the whole pregnancy, we could only come up with boys names! Once we saw her we came up with the name. My son is Edwin or Ed after my dad, I don’t think I have met another Edwin so I don’t think it’s that common?! We came up with the name as soon as I found out I was pregnant, which is good because once again we couldn’t think of a girls name!!


  2. What a fantastic post, wish I had read this before having my girlies. We found it really hard to agree on both names and I didn’t realise at the time but we ended naming them both after flowers!! Some great tips here. x


  3. There’s actually some good tips in here. I already have three baby names picked out for the future so I don’t have to worry about this. I’ve decided my future husband can pick middle names haha!

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  4. Picking is a name is crazy responsibility! I have the control of what this person will be called all his or her life. When they get married and the person says “Do you..” The name I choose will be read out to everybody!!!
    I hated my name growing up. I was called ‘Lewis Poois’ or Loo/Lew. Didn’t appriciate the connection to the toilet…thanks mum!
    Luckily we were both in agreement with the names we chose even if the wife wanted our eldest to have ‘Lewis’ as a middle name…er no!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome post! It made me laugh at how true and honest it was. We picked my son’s name based on my husband wanting a son named after him. Therefore, Timothy Jr. it was decided…. who we call TJ. TJ started at first because my husband thought it was a “great football name.” Now, I could not think of a more perfect name for my son than TJ. Great blog! #brilliantblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I still remember being in hospital after having Fin and hearing the nurses whispering and trying not to laugh at a child who’d been called ‘diesel’ that day….definitely not top of my radar in name choices!
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix lovely
    Stevie xx

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  7. Name meanings can be such a chore! 🙂 I found it funny that you were having a difficult time deciding on a girl name because my husband and I were the same way. Ironically, our first child was a girl and it took the entire pregnancy to settle on a name. My son’s was easy because we named him after both of his deceased grandfathers. Isn’t it amazing though how much there is to consider when choosing a name? It can be a bit overwhelming at times!

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  8. It felt like a big responsibility choosing names for our children! It was quite easy for our first as her first name is my Granny’s name but for our 2nd we had no go to name and ummed and ahhed about it for ages. We couldn’t agree on a boys name at all. That’s the other issue – finding a name you both like!

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