An open letter to my Niece – here at last

Welcome to the world baby Eden, we have been waiting excitedly for you.

You are a 2015 baby, born on the 21st September at 8:37pm, some 10 days overdue.  You weighed a very ‘healthy’ 10lb 2oz much to everyone’s surprise.  Daddy and mummy are overjoyed for sure and tell me that you are perfect, already their little princess.  You have captured their hearts more than you shall ever know young lady and rightly so.

So I am your Aunty and very proud to say the least.  I had to hold back the tears when daddy called to tell me that you had arrived safely yesterday.  Meanwhile, you was tucked up snuggly in your bed, dreaming of milk and Fairyland Castles, clueless to how special you are to us all already.  I cannot wait to meet you my darling and enjoy plenty of pink baby cuddles.

Day 1

When I come to see you, I have a little boy for you to meet.  He is your cousin Jack and has been the youngest in the family for all of 8-months.  I was telling him this morning that he has a beautiful little cousin to meet, who he is to love and protect forevermore.  He flapped his arms around and smiled when I showed to him your photo, I think he is very excited.

Your Nanny and Grandad are so very excited that you are here.  They have been holding a place for you in their hearts for a long time and cannot wait to meet you.  You are their first born Grand-daughter and they couldn’t be any prouder of you already, you’ll see for yourself very soon.  Be sure to embrace their love, as they have heaps to give to you.

So Eden, dream big little one and remember that you are loved very much, by us all.  I promise to keep your secrets, spoil you with love and support you no matter what.  I look forward to reading to you alongside Jack, watching you in your Nativity plays and chasing you through the park just like an Aunty should.

I love you.

Aunty Lisa xx

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28 thoughts on “An open letter to my Niece – here at last

  1. So pleased she finally arrived after keeping you all waiting! 😉 she’s gorgeous Lisa 🙂 I have 2 nieces and a nephew but only 1 of them doesn’t live in Turkey!! Miss them loads,
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x x

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  2. Ah what a lovely post! She is a real cutie and what a good weight!! My new nephew arrived late last night and I haven’t met him yet, he was 9lb10 so another bouncing baby. I love being an auntie, and love seeing my girls play with their cousins. Just magic. Enjoy your cuddles! Becky x #bestandworst

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