‘No!’ – meet my new favourite word.

So, shit has begun to get serious and Jack isn’t even on the move yet.  He literally wants everything he shouldn’t have and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve shouted ‘No!’.  Yes, I have turned into that person.

There seems to be a huge flashing beacon hanging over most things in our house at the moment, mainly the remote controls, our mobile phones and pretty much anything that flashes or makes a noise.

Its a sure thing that if Jack can reach something, it will be headed straight for his mouth and Daddy doesn’t like it when the remote control gets slobbered on.


We use my mobile phone to do FaceTime with my mum and dad who live in London, approx. 100 miles away.  We visit them every month so FaceTime is perfect for us in between visits.  The trouble is, every time he spots my phone he thinks it’s time to pull funny faces at Nanny and Grandad so makes a mammoth effort to reach across me for the phone and I’m sure he manages to stretch an extra 10 inches in length.


So ‘No’ quickly became my favourite word last week and Jack clearly took no notice of couldn’t understand me so proceeded to test my patience.  I’m surprised the boy doesn’t have whiplash by flinging himself backwards trying to make it to anything before I can.  Lessons learned: my tolerance levels are poor and Jack is more robust than the remote controls.

I started to feel quite mean as it seemed I was always telling him off.  I’m not one to give in quickly to his tantrums, I tend to ignore them until he stops.  I had been trying to keep him entertained by other means like reading, playing with his toys and music table but none of that was working.

But then, this weekend, mum and dad gave Jack his ‘My First Gadget Set’.  It includes a mobile phone, remote control and set of keys, which all come with the necessary flashing lights and noises to keep him entertained!  Win, win, win!

My First Gadget Set

Today has been quite marvellous, I have been able to leave Jack happily playing with his new gadgets and no longer have to handle a little boy with a big attitude.

But the smugness can wait and the word ‘No’ will remain my favourite for a while longer.  Earlier, Jack took an interest in my glasses and swiped them from my face, ninja style.  Oh FFS, what next?

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11 thoughts on “‘No!’ – meet my new favourite word.

  1. Hahaha…cute, they always think they’re in charge. Mine hated the toy gadgets and would also go for mine. And by the way, my #2 first word was NO. Must be wonder if she’s heard it too many times from me?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hahahaha!!! I’d almost forgotten this phase!! Deary me, I think it’s probably one of the worst, they haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about and then get pissed off and start screaming so you both just end up wound up and sobbing on the sofa by the end of the day. Goooooood times. They say it gets better. Apparently. Ha!!

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      1. Haha. R never used to believe me either, everyone used to say how laid back and easy he was. They soon changed their minds once he started moving though 😉 x

        Liked by 1 person

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