My Captured Moment #9

#MyCapturedMoment this week is of our baby sweepstake.

We had decided to do a sweepstake for family and friends in which they would guess the baby’s gender, date of birth and weight.  We took 356, almost identical, photos when I was 8-months pregnant in order to gain the photos below.

Gender guess

To be fair, it was on continuous shooting mode but it took us a good few hours.  Trevor’s patience was tested that day, but he did good.  Who doesn’t want the perfect baby bump shot and more to the point, who is going to mess with a pregnant women on a mission?

Trevor’s mum Cath got the weight (9lb 1oz) and date (29th Jan) spot on, much to my disappointment as it meant I was 9 days overdue!


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5 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #9

    1. Thanks Heledd. I shall definitely be taking more photos next time. I always meant to but just never got around to it. 10days over is tough, I was 8days over when my contractions started and had Jack on the 9th day. I was ok physically but everyone nagging me ‘any signs yet’ drove me crazy. xx


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