Come on baby niece, I’ve waited years for you

Ever since I can remember, I have always questioned my brother ‘When am I going to be an aunty?’  Likewise, he would ask the same about becoming an uncle.  I think our parents had given up on being grandparents all together!

Charlie met Brooke a couple of years ago around Christmas time.  I recall Charlie sending me a photo of Brooke ice-skating and suggesting that he had met someone rather special.  Charlie never did that!  Over the next few months we all got to know Brooke and she quickly became part of the family along with her handsome boy Harry.

In May last year, the family were very happy, but more so surprised, to learn that Trevor and I were expecting.  The following January, at the age of 32, I gave birth to Captain Jack.  Four weeks after Jack’s big arrival, we travelled to London to introduce him to my crazy family and uncle Charlie got to meet his long-awaited nephew for the first time.


It was cuddles all round and when we all finally took a seat, catching up as usual, Brooke presented me with a gift for Jack.  I dug straight in to the gift bag to reveal a gorgeous outfit for Jack but everyone laughed.  ‘Read the card’ Charlie insisted!

I burst into tears immediately and gave Brooke and Chaz a huge hug.  I couldn’t believe it, they was expecting a baby too.


It is now September and not only does it mean that Jack has recently turned 7-months old but it also means that I am going to be an aunty to MY gorgeous niece very soon.  Brooke is due this week and the family wait with excitement.  I cannot help but reminisce on how excited and impatient I was when Jack was due.  Its a magical time for sure.

Trevor asked Charlie last week whether he was looking forward to his ‘two weeks off’ and Charlie replied that he was looking forward to the rest.  We all laughed – good luck with that one!  One thing is for sure, I’m going to be so proud to finally see Charlie with his baby girl in his arms.

So, good luck to Charlie, Brooke, Harry and baby bump, I wish you every happiness in the world.  Thank you so much for making me an aunty.  I cannot wait to meet her xx


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33 thoughts on “Come on baby niece, I’ve waited years for you

  1. Aah this is so lovely! My niece had just been born when I had my first scan for the twins. She’s 6 months older than them — it’s lovely to think they’ll all be in the same school year and will grow up together! Family is so important. Thanks so much for linking up with us xx #TwinklyTuesday

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  2. How exciting for you all, it’s great that your whole family is waiting with baited breathe as you await the arrival of the newest member. I’m sure Captain Jack’s going to have loads of fun with his new cousin when she arrives. Popping in from Magic Moments.

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  3. Aw I hope she gets a move on before Auntie Lisa has to have words with her 😉 how exciting! I was an Auntie at 18 to my crazy niece and have a niece and nephew from my other older sister now, but they live in Turkey so it’s been way too long since I saw those two and my sister!
    Stevie xx

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  4. This post brought a little lump to my throat! My nieces and nephews are so special, and it brings you guys as siblings together in a completely new way. Congrats on the impending arrival, enjoy being the auntie that spoils her rotten x MMT #bestandworst

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  5. Although I’m an auntie several times over on Misery Guts’s side my brother and sister have yet to have babies of their own. I wish they’d get on with it as at this rate BB and Little B will be the older cousins by years!#bestandworst

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