My Captured Moment #8

#MyCapturedMoment this week highlights how I almost ruined Trevor’s marriage proposal.

I had arranged a surprise weekend to Paris to celebrate our 1st year together in 2014.  I told Trevor to book a few days off work as I was taking him away but he didn’t know where.

On our first night in Paris, we had dinner and walked to the Eiffel Tower which wasn’t far from where we was staying.  It was a lovely evening which was made all the more better when I saw a van selling candy floss alongside the Tower.  I made a run for the van, as you do, and as you can see, I was very happy with my purchase.


Little did I know, Trevor had an engagement ring in his pocket and was about to propose to me under the Tower in front of the crowd of people queuing for entry.  Whoops!


We walked along the bridge that you can see in the photo above, whilst I ate my candy floss.  The view you can see is where Trevor was finally able to get down on one knee.

It was really quite magical (and extremely lucky), the moment he proposed and I screamed ‘Yes!’ the Tower sparkled.  It sparkles on the hour every hour and somehow it was timed to perfection.  I thank the candy floss for that!


The following day, we sealed our love with a ‘Love Lock’ on the Pont de l’Archevêché, otherwise know as The Love Lock Bridge, by Notre Dame.


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