Captain Jack – 7 months

My gorgeous boy turns 7 months today – how did that happen?

This past month has flown by and Jack is doing absolutely fab.  He has starting to form a wonderful little character and has the cheekiest smile.  He has also started throwing little tantrums which just makes me chuckle.  I tend to ignore those in the hope that he’ll realise they won’t earn him any attention.


He is now sitting up completely unaided and continues to hate tummy time.  Its safe to say the Captain is avoiding crawling at all costs.


The most exciting news this month is that Jack now has two teeth.  He really struggled whilst they came through but his smile these days is just gorgeous.  You can read about his teething and why I felt like the worst mum in the world in my Blog Post – Why are you still crying? Ohh…


He is in 6-9 / 9-12 months clothing already and has some serious strength.  The Captain is going to be a bruiser for sure.  We have already put into the loft 3 huge boxes of clothes which no longer fit him.


I was looking back through some old snaps yesterday and it was hard to believe I was looking at the same boy.  Its lucky that we have digital photography and are able to take so many photos as I wonder how many incredible moments we would forget otherwise.

Here is my favourite photo of the month, although, the photos above of Jacks new teeth come very close.


I couldn’t be more proud of Jack if I tried.  He is a dream come true.

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19 thoughts on “Captain Jack – 7 months

  1. Oh my gosh the pictures are just gorgeous! He is going to be a heartbreaker! The ones of his new teeth and just beautiful! I can understand that you’re one very proud mama! #twinklytuesday

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  2. Gorgeous boy! He’s so big!! Oliver was a little one (which everyone loved to comment on, dinky, diddy, tiny, you name it…) My advice is don’t encourage movement too soon, haha, Oliver crawled at 6 months and walked at 9.5months and I swear he’s been on the go ever since! His speech was much slower too, so he would get really frustrated because he wanted to do something or go somewhere but couldn’t tell me. We both cried a lot. haha. But now he talks loads and doesn’t shut up lol. In fact he just said “how about go park” at 7.30am….errrrr no. lol.

    Fab news about Jack’s teeth – Oliver is just getting his last 2 teeth. We can usually tell when he’s teething because of his dodgy poops. This time not only have they been seriously wet but they absolutely stink too, and I swear it’s ALL THE TIME. I can’t imagine how bad our house smells. haha

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    1. Ah poor Oliver and his teeth 😦 At least his last two are coming through and then that’s it! wahoo! Cant wait for Jack to walk but then also want him to stay a baby forever 😦 Next thing he’ll be moving out – boo hiss! I truly cannot believe how quick time goes hun – people always warned me to enjoy it and boy was they right xxx


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