My Captured Moment #7

#MyCapturedMoment this week is of my aerobatic flight in a Slingsby Firefly.

My aerobatic flight was with Tiger Airways at Gloucestershire Airport.  My pilot was extremely professional, highly skilled and went through all the safety measures before our flight.  I was a bit nervous beforehand, understandably, but by the time I stepped foot inside the plane, he had put me at total ease.


The flight lasted about 30-minutes and we could see as far as the Severn Bridge.  The views were incredible and as for the loops, they were just breath-taking, quite literally.  I cannot begin to describe the total buzz I got out of this experience, it is definitely something I would love to do again.  It was a day I shall never forget.


You may think that this post is ill-timed but I wanted to come out in support of the very talented and professional pilots following the recent and very sad incident at Shoreham Airshow.  People are so quick to point the finger of blame even though the full circumstances are yet to be learned.

RIP to the display pilot, Andy Hill and to those who very sadly lost their lives x

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