Why are you still crying? Ohhh…

Recently we was having the week from hell when The Captain was somewhat testing.  He was constantly whinging and wouldn’t sleep.  He had turned into a little gremlin who was really hard to please.  I was quickly running out of ideas trying to cheer him up, nothing was working.

Teeth 1

By chance, I noticed a tiny white bump along his bottom gum line, no wait there was two.  To my horror, my poor boy had been struggling and was cutting his first teeth.  How could I not have noticed?

Teeth 2

Armed with some teething gel and Calpol, I made my attempt to make up for being the worst mum in the world.  Within 10 minutes and with the best and most apologetic cuddle I could offer, The Captain fell asleep.  Now we all know that toothache is pretty horrid so I spent a little while sat by his side feeling kind of shit knowing that he had been suffering.


When he woke up, I was ready and waiting with more cuddles but he was a different boy.  The medicine had kicked in and the sleep appeared to have done him some good.  Phew.  Calpol quickly became our new best friend and worked a treat.  No guessing what the first item added to my basket was during my next online shop.

Jack found great comfort in biting onto small sticks of chilled cucumber and pretty much anything else he could find whilst his teeth broke through.  It took about a week but the boy had done good, he braved it out well.


Whilst a small part of me is sad that Jack’s toothless cheesy grin is no more and that he is slowly losing his baby features, I cannot tell you how totally excited I am that his first teeth are through.

Now, I know that I am his mum but just look at how gorgeous my boy’s new smile is…

IMG_9324 a

IMG_9328 a

IMG_9329 a

So Jack’s exciting little journey continues and I can only wonder what will happen next as I watch on with total love and appreciation for my boy, The Captain.  Watching him grow really is a joy.

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37 thoughts on “Why are you still crying? Ohhh…

    1. ah thanks Stevie! 🙂 Not sure how I missed this comment, sorry hun xx We are in St Austell first weekend of Oct. Need to book hotel, hopefully the PremierInn up at Carclaze. Will arrange catching up asap, plus you owe me a trip to the beach xxx


    1. Ah bless her – they’ll soon come along. I was speaking to a mum on here whos little girl was 4mths and had 4 teeth – jeez! My Uncle was born with 2 teeth. There was no breastfeeding for him! haha x


  1. Aww, poor boy! I hate toothache so can only imagine how awful teething is. I felt bad this week too as A has 6 new teeth coming in, I was getting annoyed at him for being all grumpy and clingy, then noticed the teeth when he was upside down (we were playing a game, I don’t hang my baby’s upside down!!). Glad he’s through the first ones, his smile is gorgeous! 🙂 x

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  2. Teething gives a totally bad mood to babies, as I have experienced it too with my little kids when they were that age. We just felt sorry for them as they can’t talk and tell us what’s wrong and how to make them feel better. As a mum we just have to keep guessing, I suppose. Hope he feels better soon that a few teeth came through now. By the way, he looks so adorable on his pics, so cuddly! #PicknMix


  3. Aww what a cutie! Don’t feel too guilty you can’t always know when it comes to teething and glad he coped much better with calpol! #bestamdworst

    Liked by 1 person

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