Vomit, pee and poo – time for baby no.2?

Out popped Jack and right then it started, ‘so when are you having your next one?’.  Ha – excuse me whilst I laugh uncontrollably in your face but I’d rather stick glue in my eye.

All tongue-and-cheek I know, but I must have heard it 20-times.  Know the feeling?

Jack’s birth didn’t exactly go according to the birth plan that we had put together with such thought and obvious naivety.  I had stipulated that I didn’t want any drugs *laughs to self*.  Come to think of it, not a single point on our birth plan happened, so if there is a next time I’ll only need a point 1 – Lots and lots of drugs.


The first few weeks post pregnancy were really tough for me.  Getting back to health whilst taking care of a newborn took it’s toll and our breastfeeding ‘nightmare’ quickly became a lost battle.  Looking back, I have no idea how I coped.  It’s safe to say that my amazing Fiancé quite literally saved me.  He was incredibly supportive and still is to this day.


As the weeks past, things really did get easier.  As simple as it sounds, the turning point for me was when Jack could hold his own bottle.  He suddenly didn’t need me to do ‘everything’ for him, sounds ridiculous I know but until that moment I had felt somewhat pinned down.

Jack is now 6months old and whilst I haven’t been able to get back into shape, thanks to my split tummy muscles (and survival on quick-fix junk food), I finally feel like I know what I am doing.  Jack’s weaning is going great, his weight is on target and he is always full of smiles so we must be doing something right.


I am feeling much better in myself and the depression and anxiety seem to have past.  I still have some off days but I’ll put that down to a lack-of-sleep.  My tummy muscles are slowly getting better and I manage at least two warm cups of tea during the day.

Jack is a dream come true, he really has changed our lives for the better.  Nothing in the world can compare to his chuckles and cuddles.  Seeing him flourish whilst hitting his little milestones is incredible and witnessing his bond with Trevor just melts me.  The tough times instantly become a distant memory with a cheeky smile from Jack.


The pregnancy, labour and struggles of early motherhood are long forgotten and I have a gorgeous family that I can call my own.  Nothing could make me more proud.


You never know, perhaps our Captain Jack might like to be a big brother and I know that Trevor would love a 2nd child.  He says that he would like a daughter to ‘complete’ the family.

So, whilst I once thought that one baby was more than enough, thank you very much, my thoughts are with that of baby no.2 and I have bought some folic acid just in case.

I love being a mum, it’s the best job in the world.

Our birth and breastfeeding stories:

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24 thoughts on “Vomit, pee and poo – time for baby no.2?

  1. I really love being a mum. I wanted a lot of kids as I grew up but with my health issues, it is not going to happen…however i do hope to get well enough to have at least one more! That would be nice.

    Angela xx

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  2. Great post. You need to give yourself time to recover from birth it’s traumatic. I refused to write a birth plan this time and am taking the lets make it up as we go along approach.
    Glad you’re getting to drink warm tea, I’m still failing at this and my boys are 6 & 8!

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  3. Your little boy is gorgeous. Glad to hear you are feeling much better, I too found the first months difficult and was so happy to come out the other side. My little boy has just turned one and I am 18 weeks pregnant with number two 🙂 I think it will be great to have them close together and the baby years complete. Good luck with whatever you decide Xx

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  4. Aww I love your photos! Your baby is gorgeous!! It took me a long time to decide to get number two and when I finally started taking folic acid to my surprise it took me another year to actually get pregnant again. So I think you are doing better than me in trying again earlier. I think it is better to have them close. My eldest is 5 years and my 2nd baby has turned 1 this week. They have a 4 year gap. I’m okay now with that gap although a 2 or 3 years would’ve been perfect! They love each other and my eldest think that the baby is her doll LOL Thanks for sharing, xx #PicknMix

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    1. Hey, thanks for visiting our post. Trevor was sure that our first, Jack, was a girl through the whole pregnancy. He was surprised when he popped out a boy! But like he says, Jack is perfect and that’s all that matters. I think he’d just like a girl so he has one of each 🙂 Catch you next week for sure xx


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