Captain Jack – 6 months

Our Captain Jack is now 6 months old and this last month has been the most impressive in terms of progression.  Jack is quickly turning into a little boy and his baby features are quickly diminishing which leaves me with mixed emotions.  It is of course amazing to see him growing away and learning his new life skills but equally sad that our baby is no more.

His hair has finally grown through a handsome shade of blonde.  He was born with lots of dark hair but that quickly fell out. 


He is now sitting up well although I do still sit close by as he sometimes gets a bit off balance.  He looks so proud of himself when he is sat up and so he should be.  Jack is very nosey these days, likes to know what is going on around him all the time.  The slightest of noises results in a quick turn of the head and a boy who falls backwards.

Jack’s weaning is now fully established and he is on ‘big boys’ milk.  He is eating breakfast, dinner and dessert each day and its clear that he loves his food.  With no sign of teeth yet, he shall have to enjoy puree and mashed foods for now.


Jack seems to have found a new high-pitched tone to his voice this month.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t a girl but he would make a good one when it comes to screaming.  Once he starts squealing, there is no stopping him.  We just stand by and chuckle but it’s all good progress I suppose.  I find myself constantly saying dad-dad and mum-mum now to see what happens.

Swimming is a definite thumbs up with Jack, he loves all things ‘splashy-splashy time’ so we make a point of taking him as often as possible.  Maybe some swimming lessons would be a good idea now?


Jack really does not like tummy time so whilst I try to get him rolling over (which he has done a couple of times unaided) he gets irritable quickly when on his tum so I cannot envisage him crawling anytime soon.  Even though he dislikes it, I have managed to get some snaps.


We celebrated Jack’s 6-month (or half year) birthday in style with a Letterbox Cake which we have been asked to review by Bakers Days.  Our review will be available soon along with a competition to win a personalised one.  Watch this space.


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13 thoughts on “Captain Jack – 6 months

  1. Aw he’s getting so much more grown up bless him! Bet it’s lovely now he’s sitting up, it stops some of their frustration when they can! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix, can’t wait to see this handsome little guy again later in the year 🙂

    Stevie xx

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  2. How gorgeous is he? Sounds like he’s doing just fab! Zach hated tummy time too and then one day, boom, he got it and was happy! Funny how they are suddenly ok with stuff! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awwww ! He is certainly a cutie ! (oops, sorry, a very handsome young man lol)
    It is a funny period when their features start to change from baby to boy, and even more strange when, sometimes, you catch an expression on their faces which gives you a fleeting glimpse of what they will look like as an adult.
    Lol at the high pitched squeal. They love experimenting with their voices, and when they find they can do something as dramatic and satisfying as a damn good screech….well, that is just wonderful. They then practise it….a lot ! But don’t worry…that phase usually only lasts a couple of years lol
    A lot of babies hate tummy time, maybe because it is very limiting in terms of vision and movement etc so just don’t bother with it, he will get plenty of practise just rolling around the floor and it sounds like he will figure out a way to get mobile in the near future.
    Lovely post about a very lovely stage, thank you for sharing it 🙂 I hope you are taking lots of picturesx
    Sarah x

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    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting our post. It’s scary how quickly they grow into young people isn’t it. He is a spitting image of his dad (even if Jack does have more hair) so I think we have a pretty good idea how he’ll look when he is older 🙂 I’ll persevere with the tummy time, he may take to it eventually xx


  4. I adore your post and makes me remember my baby that is now almost 2 years old… they grow really fast.. and faster when you have to work 😦 … your baby is too sweet… thanks for sharing and thanks for linking #Alittlebitofeverything

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