Yes! I am the son of a footballing legend.

Today was a big day for my Daddy.  He played in his first football game in about a year having had some time out.   Luckily for me, it meant that I got to see my Daddy in action.

My Daddy is a huge football fan and supports Manchester United.  He often sits with me and tells me about his footballing days and the Cups that he has played in.  This football game that Daddy tells me of sounds like fun.


Daddy promises that one day, when I am a little bigger, that he will teach me to play.  He bought me my first football last week.


He also promised that he would be the first to take me to a football match.  That day came sooner than he thought and it turned out that he would be playing in it.

Daddy’s team, Burghclere FC, was playing away to Hungerford Town FC so we left early so that he could warm-up.  Mummy and me took our seat in the stand (along with the endless junk we usually transport around with us) and waited for Daddy to make his appearance.


Daddy must have been excited as he was playing in Red, his favourite kit colour.  Hopefully, it would turn out to be his lucky colour too.


The game was soon underway and Mummy was taking it all too seriously.  One day, I will understand that football is the most important deal in the world but for today, I decided that I would just sleep instead, which saw me through to the second half’s kick-off.


Daddy was looking cool and I’m sure I see my Mummy swoon a little.  Yuk!  And where was this half-time burger and beer he had told me all about?  I had obviously missed it.

To show my frustration, I farted and filled my nappy within about 20-minutes of the second half starting and so Mummy took me off to change my nappy.  That’ll teach her.

Mummy had found an empty stand to change my bum for quickness when we heard, ‘oohhhhh – unlucky Trevor’ from the supporting crowd.  Daddy had hit a volley which almost obliterated the crossbar.  Just as well he had missed because that would have made Mummy sad as she is yet to see Daddy score.

Things began to get serious with 15-minutes to go.  HFC had scored to take the game to 5-4, they only needed to score one more in order to equalise. To make matters worse I wanted my bottle so made my voice known.  Mummy made my milk quick fast.

For the last 5-minutes, Mummy managed to watch some of the game whilst I drank my milk.  Daddy’s team scored and the whistle blew for full-time.   Daddy’s team had won 6-4!

Everyone shook hands and then Daddy came over for cuddles.  He was a bit sweaty but I didn’t mind because it was official, my Daddy was a legend even if he was a bit more red-in-the-face than usual.  I took daddy for a celebratory drink at the Club House.

Yes!  My Daddy is a footballing legend and I am proud to be his son.

Captain Jack

IMG_4196 - Copy

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27 thoughts on “Yes! I am the son of a footballing legend.

  1. I love this post! So funny the part about filling his nappy.. it made me crack up laughing. my father was a great footballer and I played football for many years in my teenage years. In fact i went pretty far but then gave it up to focus on uni…but i loved playing the sport and miss it!

    Angela from

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So cute! Once, one of my twins kicked Daddy when she was still in utero. His immediate reaction was to say, “She’s going to be a soccer player.” Football isn’t as big in the US as it is every other country, but he’s a fan.
    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


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