My Captured Moment #1

#MyCapturedMoment is a simple one.  No extravagant backdrop of a dream destination, nor another baby snap.  This photo means a lot to me.  It was taken on my birthday in 2013 when Trevor visited London for the first time and met my family.


The shot was taken by my brother Charlie and includes Trevor and I, plus my Mum and Dad.  They had done the usual ‘surprise birthday cake entry’ where my brother grabs a camera (the giveaway moment) before the grand entrance.

Mum was busy telling Dad off as he kept turning his camera off rather than taking the photo.  Dad never did get his photo but luckily, Charlie took this one which captured the moment perfectly.  I love my crazy family x

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8 thoughts on “My Captured Moment #1

  1. And this is what ‘my captured moment’ is all about!! They don’t have to be the best pictures in the world but they tell a story or snap a moment in time you want to remember forever. This is perfect and such an important day for many reasons. Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment for the first time. Welcome! xx

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