Review: Albelli Photo Book

I cannot get enough of the Albelli photo books, they are brilliant value for money.  I have created 6 photo books before now and the quality has been consistently excellent.

IMG_8536 IMG_8565

In this digital age of photography we are too quick to take lots of snaps and then lose them on memory cards.  The beauty of the photo book is that they make fantastic keepsakes and also lovely gifts.  I think they are so much nicer than printed photos in albums and they are extremely quick and easy to create too.  If I can do it, anyone can.

The software is easily downloadable from the Albelli website and has lots of great features which make the photo books simple to design and order.  Some options include hard/soft covers, glossy pages, fold flat spine plus you can add pages as you go, if like me you have too many photos.

IMG_8552 IMG_8576

Recently, I have created a photo book full of Jack’s photos for my Mum for Mothers Day which brought her to tears.  She absolutely loved it.  Previously, I had made one for her made up of photos from her 50th birthday party.  Both full of memories she can look back on.

I also made one for us to keep which is full of photos of Jack’s first months.  I look at it most weeks and am quick to offer it to people to look at when they visit.  Who can blame me?  I am a proud mummy.

IMG_8549 IMG_8551

The photo books are reasonably priced and range from £6.95 to £44.95 dependant on the options you choose.  Personally, I wait until they have special offers on so that I can buy the larger sized books.  I receive these offers regularly by email having requested them on their website.

Albelli do offer other products too which I have not yet ordered; wall art, mugs, calendars, phone cases etc.  I am currently considering the purchase of some wall art prints as we will soon be decorating the house, they look really smart on the website.

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