Tackling the early signs of depression

Last week was a particularly tough one for me.  Jack had been his usual happy and contented self all week but for some reason mummy was going off the rails.  I had been having up-and-down days like most new mums but last week I was beside myself.  Was I suffering from PND?  I don’t know but what I do know is that I started to become anxious when trying to leave the house and everything just seemed to irritate or upset me.  Even the squeaky toy that woke Jack from his sleep when I trod on it made me see red and I certainly don’t think that a certain salesperson will be calling us again.  Trivial I know, but I was feeling helpless.

Anyway, I came across an excellent Blog Post by Firstooth (thank you) which opened my eyes to the fact that I hadn’t left the house or spoken to anyone other than Trevor or Jack all week.  No wonder I was feeling down, I was flipping lonely.  You see, all of my family are located in London and I only have a small friends base in Newbury having only moved here a couple of years ago.  I know that there are local parent groups that I can attend but I just don’t have the confidence to walk through the door into a room of unfamiliar faces.  I spoke to Trevor when he got home and we decided that we needed to start getting out of the house in the evenings, as well as weekends, not just for my sake but for Jack’s too.

We planned that we would go out on Thursday evening to the races at Newbury Racecourse.  When Trevor got home from work, I had worked myself up into a frenzy again and so he took over with our amazing Jack.  I almost felt sick about leaving the house but made myself get ready to go.  I even put one of my favourite dresses on in an effort to make myself feel better.

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We had taken Jack to the races before but he was tiny and spent the whole evening asleep.  This time at almost 6 months old, he was much more aware of everything that was going on and remained awake throughout.  We made a point of letting Jack watch the horses as they were being paraded before each race which he seemed to enjoy.  This allowed Trevor time to study the horses before placing his bets but a lot of good that did because he didn’t manage to pick us any winners.  I usually choose by the colour of a jockeys jersey but I let Trevor take the reins this time, so-to-speak.

11659459_845296642226169_6813665194464279842_n 11011784_845280955561071_3939650044893345181_n

In all, the evening was lovely and just what the doctor had ordered.  Some much needed family time and a break from the norm.  It really is amazing what the fresh air can do, I felt completely refreshed by the time we got home.  Perhaps Jack might like a trip to the zoo next, as well as a sane mummy?

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14 thoughts on “Tackling the early signs of depression

  1. I needed to read this after a tough week last week too (not helped by the ‘wrong time of the month’!) Getting out really does help and we’re lucky to have fabulous husbands who rally and lift us up when we’re feeling down 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better this week xx

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  2. I too have felt like this. Getting out of the house, especially now I have two can feel like an epic mission. I fall in to the trap of not going out because it’s ‘easier’ but I do always feel better when I do.
    Hope you get out and about this week especially whilst the suns out!

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  3. Oh sweetheart hate that you’ve been feeling like this. You need to move down to Cornwall, just being able to escape to the beach helps raise your mood, plus you’d have me to drag you out of the house more 😉 So glad you spoke to Trev about it all though and sounds like you’re doing the right thing by getting out more as a family.

    Stevie xx

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    1. I’d love to live by the sea but too far from my family. I’m feeling better this week as we’ve been making the effort to get out. You can take me to the beach when we are down next though, I won’t complain. And Poldark mine x

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  4. You’re certainly not alone in feeling like this at times. I can relate to the leaving the house thing. I sometimes wonder whether it’s because, at times, it can be a bit of an ordeal with the things you need to take, the disruption to nap time, changing nappies, oh the list goes on. It does help to make you feel better when you do get out though. I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for the effects parenting has on the way you think & feel xxxx

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    1. Thanks for visiting my post :). Yeh it certainly doesn’t help having to pack what seems like your whole house. Once I’m out I am ok, it’s just getting myself out. Parenting is the toughest job in the world, simple xxx


  5. I felt the exact same as you it’s really isolating on maternity leave or being a stay at home mum. I became really self concious and so used to staying in that venturing out just didn’t appeal to me. It’s daunting to start going out everyday but once you’ve been doing it over a week it just becomes a new habit and a much easier happier life. Seeing new faces and new things is so refreshing and just like you it terrifies me to put myself out there in to a new playgroup where people may already have their circles. Meeting new parents who then become friends keeps the children and us sane! Great idea to go to the races we should take a leaf out of your book one evening for some much needed family time! Im really pleased to read this it makes me feel more normal. We go through so much as parents with sleepless nights, hormones and this huge responsibility that it’s no surprise our self confidence takes a beating xx

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    1. Thanks for visiting my post. It is so easy to fall in to the trap of just staying in, it just seems easier. Not wise though! We shall be out and about at least two evenings in the week now and definitely at weekends, that’s the whole idea of having a family after all, quality time! I spoke to a new mum today at our local clinic when getting Jack weighed, she too felt so isolated, it’s so common that’s it scary! xx

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