A message to you Daddy on Fathers Day

To my Daddy

On Fathers Day last year, I sent a card to you from inside mummy’s tummy.  There was 219 days to go until my due date.

This Fathers Day, I am already 20wks old and we get to celebrate your first Fathers Day as my daddy and best friend.

IMG_6349 IMG_6380

I remember when you would speak to me when I was busy growing.  You would tell me stories about the fun we would have together once I was born and how you would take good care of me and mummy forever.

I love your cuddles when you come home from a hard days work and our cheeky chappy fun that we have every day, especially splishy splashy time!  You make each day special and that’s what makes you an amazing daddy.  Not every daddy likes changing nappies and making bottles but you do it because you want to.

IMG_7929 IMG_7799

I look forward to creating special memories with you and doing all those things you promised like teaching me to play football and to ride a bike and trips to the park and zoo.

Thank you for being my daddy and for loving me unconditionally.  You will always be my superhero and when I grow big, I want to be just as amazing as you are.

IMG_8071  IMG_7811

Happy 1st Fathers Day.

Love from your Captain Jack xxx

IMG_5786 IMG_1787

IMG_7393 IMG_2144

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