A luxury overnight stay in hospital after giving birth

So you have just experienced a 20hr labour (read the blog here) in which you have literally been dragged through hell and back and yet you are expected to look after a newborn for the first time.  Easy right?

As new proud parents, we was taken back to the delivery suite from theatre with our new and long-awaited addition.  I had hold of Jack whilst Trevor made the phone calls to give our families the amazing news.  We had decided very early on that Trevor would have first skin-on-skin contact with Jack, so after Jack had been weighed, cleaned up and photographed, Trevor took hold of his baby boy.  The pride on his face made me fall in love with him all over again.  He was no longer just my Fiance, he had given me the best gift ever possible, our son.


After Jack cuddles and the most heavenly cup of tea, even better than that following a week abroad, we was taken through to our ward where I would spend the night.  Unfortunately, we was placed by the communal sink and metal waste bins.  At this point, I hadn’t yet realised just how bad a deal this was going to be.

Doctors, midwives and other folk came and went and did all their checks on myself and Jack in between mummy and daddy cuddles.  Thankfully Jack was on top form and the many pain relief tablets that made me rattle were doing the job.

Bang, there went the lid on the metal bin.

Wahoo, FOOD!  It had arrived in the form of gunk but wow, that stuff tasted good.  Who would have thought that a child’s portion of mash and veg followed by chocolate semolina would turn out to be my new favourite dish?

Crash, there went the lid on the metal bin.

Jack had taken to breastfeeding really well and boy was he a hungry baby.  I was beginning to feel like a vending machine.  Such an amazing time though, I felt like I could conquer the world *swaps baby to other boob*.

Wallop, the metal bin again.

Our first visitors arrived at the hospital and surprisingly I didn’t care how I looked, I was more surprised that I was still alive after giving birth to what felt like a watermelon.

That flipping bin!

Time for a clean-up shower, hardly a luxury yet the best experience ever.  Every part of my body ached and admittedly, Trevor was holding a bag of my pee but somehow it felt pretty incredible, almost romantic.  Plus, no bin.  It was a bit of a bummer when I came over a bit dizzy whilst drying off so was escorted back in a wheelchair *gives evils to bin on passing*.  Luckily, Trevor managed to keep up with my pee bag, that could have been messy.

It was now rather late in the day and Trevor had to go home.  As soon as he left, I wept and felt helpless.  Baby Jack was sleeping and I was absolutely whacked, time for sleep, at last.


All lights were switched off and I was out like a light.  It seemed like only a few minutes had past and Jack decided he was hungry.  That’s fine, I thought, this is my duty now!  Two boobs and a new nappy later, Jack was seeing zzz’s and so was I.

At 3am, Jack woke again for a feed but this time he wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I was ready to drop, so with fed baby in one arm and pee bag in the other, I walked into the corridor pleading for help.  A midwife took over for me while I got some sleep, all of an hour before Jack was screaming the hospital down for a feed again.  FML!  I was not cut out for this!

It was the biggest relief when Trevor returned the next morning, my saviour!  He took over happily and pretty much held Jack the whole time.  The car seat and our belongings were ready pretty much straight away and I was discharged about midday, just about lunchtime.  I wasn’t missing this, I had ordered CHIPS!  Trevor helped me demolish lunch and then it was time to go it alone without the help of professionals and take baby home.  I couldn’t wait, mum and dad were waiting at home for us.

Goodbye metal bin.  It was nice.

IMG_1688 IMG_2460

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