My monthly quickie – Goodbye May, hello June

No lengthy essay to be found here… just a quickie!

So May came and went in the blink-of-an-eye but that’s okay, I am always excited to see June as it is the month of my birthday…

5 things I enjoyed in May:

  1. I started blogging – it’s quite time-consuming but so far enjoyable.  Be sure to follow me 🙂
  2. Baby Jack began to teeth – whilst this means a quick turnaround of bibs and a tearful baby, it’s a huge milestone for him and proud one for me.
  3. We took Jack swimming for the first time – he loves ‘splishy splashy’ time.
  4. We celebrated Trevor’s birthday and our 2nd anniversary together.  It was also a year since getting engaged so I bought Trevor an engagement ring – I had been meaning to for a while.
  5. We attended the wedding of two lovely friends, Adrian and Linda. You can read my blog about their special day here.

5 things to look forward to in June:

  1. My birthday – my first as a mummy 🙂
  2. Trevor’s first Fathers Day – he would like a ‘man shed’ or new TV, perhaps a ‘No1 Daddy’ coaster or mug instead?  
  3. A good catch up with Stevie Couch aka A Cornish Mum during a visit to Legoland Windsor – be sure to follow Stevie, her blogs are fab!
  4. Hopefully, the early birth of a best friend’s 2nd baby – they always come early right?
  5. Continuing to learn and master the art of motherhood – quite simply my life’s most favourite and rewarding lesson – my family is my world.

Birthday cake


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